• Biography

    Born in 1997 in Stockholm, Sweden, and brought up in Lausanne, Switzerland, William Oweson is a philosopher, writer, poet, figurative painter and clothes-maker whose work sees itself founded upon late stoic philosophy, yet further refined into a form of courtly detachment, tending towards the creation of an existential aesthetic system. Having studied at the École de la Chambre Syndical de la Couture Parisienne, graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2022 with a Bachelor in Fine Art, he currently resides in Tokyo, Japan.

    Oweson’s philosophical framework, as outlined in his General Synthesis (2023), while based upon an individualistic and materialistic conception of the world, centers on the proposition of existential fulfillment in measure personal pleasure through an intellectual subserving of one’s emotional wants, which extends into the aesthetic through the effect the latter has on one’s behavior and thoughts, and thus on the creation of linguistic culture, which finds itself to be at the fundamental core of general happiness.

    His artistic and literary works therewith see themselves as expressions of this philosophical fundament in their successive generation of a comprehensive personal aesthetic system, manifesting various moral, pictorial, compositional, structural and chromatic tendencies throughout their materiality as he seeks fulfillment through form.