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"Armature" L/S Tunic Cotton

"Armature" L/S Tunic Cotton

This long-sleeved tunic finds itself to be made of a soft and light shirt fabric, and would be a great choice for the colder seasons, or even all year round.

Material Composition

100% Cotton


Made in Japan


The cotton with which this garment is made finds itself to be made is of Japanese origin, and has been dyed in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Further Information

Our clothes are made in what we refer to as bases, which forms the digits prior to the hyphen in our numerical categorization, which change depending on the type of garment in question. For example would the Jacket 2-13 find itself to be made in the jacket base number 2, which would see itself to be different from the base of the same number within the trousers.

All of the products of the same type which share the same base possess nearly identical measurements, meaning that one may be quasi certain that were the Jacket 2-13 in size II fit one, then the Jacket 2-24 in the same size would find itself to be very similar in the way it would feel.

We do nevertheless recommend that you take a close look at the various size guides which we provide in order for you to be able to find the correct size for you.

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